Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Voice - Battle Rounds #2

We saw seven battles last night, and two (sad it wasn't three though) singers saved. The battles were between Anja & Sarah, Jayde & Louise (Team Will), Dallas & Doug, Annabelle Eve & Taila Gouge (Team Joel), Josh McDonald & Scott Gelzinnis;  Brandon Duff & Gabriel/Cecilia (Team Ricky); Candice Skjonnemand & Thando Sikwila (Team Kylie).

A few of my highlights from last night.  I loved Doug took Dallas under his wing, and would love to hear them sing together again. Gabriel and Cecilia are the first duo to go through (after being saved by Will I Am). They have a really great connection, and I'm going to be intrigued what songs Will I Am gives them.

But the two best battles of the night were Annabelle Eve & Taila Gouge & Candice Skjonnemand & Thando Sikwila. During both of these performances I got chills.  Candice & Thando's performance was probably the best from the three seasons (to date), I got chills & tears - and no surprise that Thando was saved by Ricky (who has now used both saves).

The battle between Jayde & Lousie was over-hyped during the show. I was also surprised that Louise was the winner of the battle. Louise has a powerful voice, and will be interested in seeing how she goes, but I felt Jayde was more even. Impressed with the grace she showed on the stage as the decision was made. I am looking forward to hearing more from Jayde.

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