Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Voice - Wk 3

The Blind Auditions have now finished. Tuesday night's show was a reminder that the contestants are not simply judged on their own voice, but the other voices within each team and the coaches strategy. I felt sorry for those who auditioned in the last shows, but kudos to Will I Am & Ricky Martin for offering to work with Sarsha Simone.

My favourites are:

Team Will:  Emily Rex; ZK, and Jayde Grey.
Team Kylie: Rosie Henshaw, Brittanie Shipway, Megan Longhurst
Team Joel: Harry Healy, Doug Williams, (can't decided between Annabelle Lee & Elise Baker)
Team Ricky: Matthew Garland, Carly Yelayotis, Josh McDonald

For the Battle rounds I'm thinking that Jess Berney and Elly Oh would be a good pairing. Josh McDonald & Brandon Duff; Candice & Brittanie are great pairings too. There will be some epic battles, and some great singers will be eliminated early this season. The coaches will have tough decisions on who to save - this season each coach has two saves to use.

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