Monday, May 26, 2014

The Voice: Battle Rounds #1

The Battle Rounds are now my favourite part of The Voice - two (sometimes very different) singers going head to head singing the same song. Universal will make money selling the combined performance tracks. Especially seeing as a lot of them sound like duets. It is sad that Universal are only selling the performances from the Live Rounds on.

Last night set the bar pretty high for the rest of the week.  We saw six performances from Fely & Mia; Elly & Jess (Team Ricky);  Johnny & Maybelle; Jackson & Robbie (Team Kylie); Courtney & Holly (Team Joel) and Krishool & Julian (Team Will).

Not surprised by any of the coaches decisions - the winners were Fely, Elly, (Jess was saved Joel), Johnny, Robbie (Jackson was saved by Ricky) Holly and Julian. Was glad to see Joel take Holly through, impressed with her performance holding her own ground against Courtney.

 I liked Mia's performance last night more than her blind audition. Elly & Jess kind of met my expectations - great performance too.

The highlights for me from the night were Fely & Mia singing Young & Beautiful; Robbie & Jackson singing Strong. I'm looking forward to Elly and Jess singing songs a little more out of their comfort zone.

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