Thursday, July 31, 2014


Taking a break from sport & music to write a little about the books on my reading lists.

Just finished: 
Victoria Williamson - You are the music
Great book about how music reveals our humanity. Dr Vicky Williamson's book highlights the power of music through the lifecourse - beginning in-utero.  Apparently listening to Mozart doesn't make you smarter (sorry). The book talks about music and health, music and memory, our old friend the 'ear-worm' aka the 'song stuck in your head', and much more.  Really enjoyable read - her website is great too.

Nick Cater - The Lucky Culture
A fascinating point of view about Australian History & culture.I did find it worthwhile reading though I didn't agree with everything (his view on the ABC; and the environmental movement being two examples).

Tara Moss - The Fictional Woman (most of the way through this now, and will write more of my thoughts in a separate post once I've finished).
Phil Rees - Dining with Terrorists

To Read
Kerry-Anne Walsh - The Stalking of Julia Gillard - another take on the PM'ship of Gilliard.
Mark Isaacs - The Undesirables (Inside Nauru) 
Les Murray - The World Game
Jang Jin-Sung - Dear Leader
Fiona Scott-Norman (ed) - Bully for them. (some famous Australians talk about their experiences in school).
Rob Oakeshott - The Independent Member for Lyne

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