Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Voice Lives #3

So the five in the final are,  Jackson, Frank, ZK, Johnny and Anja (who was the Home-Coach save).

Mind you listening to all of the performances last night - wow, there wasn't much between any of them. It's been said many times, each of these artists are taking the next step of their journey, there's only going to be winner this year, but each of the artists, have gained exposure during the show.

Last night, I loved the performances from Jackson, Kat & Holly. My favourite duet was Holly with Frank and Jackson with Sabrina.

Finding it hard to pick a winner - but I'm leaning to Jackson. (Take a bow Kylie, who was the only one to turn around for him).  All of these artists left would be great winners. Beyond that, I'm looking forward to seeing their shows & listening to their albums.

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