Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reporting and calling sport...

Today's SMH featured an article by SBS Journalist Lucy Zelic talking about sexism in sports journalism. It is a great piece in which Lucy talks about her own career, and notes that:
'making the news recently ... are things we have cause to celebrate.  Helena Costa was announced as the first woman to coach a men’s professional football team in any major European league – ever.   In the wake of the news that tennis player Andy Murray is seeking a new coach, the Daily Mail in the UK reported that he is considering both male and female coaches.  He labeled the reaction to him considering a woman as ‘silly’. (Ed: Another reason to respect Andy Murray) and, just this week, Peta Searle was announced as a development coach for St Kilda, the first woman to take on such a position in AFL history. (Read the full piece here)
Interestingly in the comments to the piece are a number where people have expressed their dislike for hearing women's voices on sports coverage. 

So, I thought I'd write about some of the sports journalists I like reading (or listening).

I really liked Kylie Gillies when she was on Sportsworld with Bruce Macaveney, though if my memory is right, while she was the news-reader I thought her contribution to the show was more than that. 

In the papers - Georgina Robinson (Rugby Union), Samantha Lane (AFL, she's also on the Saturday Night Footy TV coverage), and Chloe Saltau (Cricket) are always worth a read.  I also enjoy reading Melanie Dinjaski's comments too (for RoarSports & Yahoo). 

ABC Radio has always had great female hosts - Karen Tighe, Debbie Spillane (her programs Cracking the Codes and Hens FC are staples for me), Shannon Byrne, Simone Thurtell & Tracey Holmes

SBS has Lucy Zelic (and previously Stephanie Brantz). Erin Molan is on the Channel 9 (The Footy Show), and she is now doing more than the team news.

I'd put each of them on par with their male colleagues - and enjoy the experience a diversity of voices bring to the sports coverage (and I'd like more like them on the coverage).

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