Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What I've been listening to?

Here's a look at the new music I've been listening to recently.

I mentioned Broods in my post about New Zealand music.  The duo have a haunting sound. Have a listen to few of their songs here. Love this quote from Daytrotter - 'These songs let us into into a place where we're being worked on, or worked over.'

Just downloaded the The Likes of Us new album - Time Traveler. There was something really fresh about their first album. The Noisetrade description says that The Likes of Us "began as a long distance collaboration between Oklahoma native Benj Heard and Colorado songbird Katrina Stone. As the story goes, the pair stumbled upon an affinity for writing 1940's inspired duets through the process of sending tracks back and forth over the course of a year."

Time Traveler is a beautifully arranged album, and takes the listener on a journey through different musical forms & styles, with the distinctive character being the harmonies of Katrina & Ben's voices.

Katrina & Benj describe the process of making the album as “a beautiful struggle. We make music to take people on the crazy adventures we dream up when we’re sitting in front of a piano, drinking whisky and talking about life. Parts of it are muddy and dirty, parts of it are sunny and bright, the rest of it is whatever you want it to be.” Its the authenticity which grabbed me, and I know that in listening to this more, I'll get drawn to different songs each time I listen. Fallout is one of the songs which really hit me on the first listen. Read more about the album here.

(Would also recommend listening to Katrina's album 'The Happy Ones'. Abandon Ship totally grabbed me the first time through).

Lizzie Marvelly's new EP is out July 4 - if you pre-order now you can download another track 'Collisions'. The EP features already released songs My Own Hero, and Lizzie's rallying cry for her generation - Generation Young.

Here's the video for My Own Hero - which adds to the impact of the song:

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