Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Voice - Last Showdown's and Sing off...

The Showdowns and Sing-offs were always going to disappoint as some of the popular contestants went home. But the thing is the show allows people to hear some great singers, and now, having heard these singers, our part is to keep following and support them. Looking to see when they are playing, share their music on our social media feeds.  The show was another step in their journey & now we are along for the ride.

In the final showdowns the singers who went straight through were ZK, Johnny, Taila & Sabrina, and heading to the sing-offs were Matt, Megan, Holly & Elly. ZK did a beaut version of 'Say Something', Johnny nailed 'All of Me'.

The sing-off groupings were - Megan, Lionel, Robbie (Kylie); Thando, Fely, Elly (Ricky); Soli, Laura-Leigh, Holly (Joel) and Jacob, Juilian, Matt (Will I Am).  None of the coaches decisions surprised me - the four winners were Robbie; Elly, Holly & Matt. I was sad to see Megan, Fely & Thando go, but I have no doubt we will hear more from those three.

My favourite blind auditions were - Emily Rex, Brittanie Shipway, Megan Longhurst, Harry Healy & Jayde Grey. Beth Anderson also was one that lingers too.

The battles which really stood out (and I go back to listen too) are  'The Clown'; 'The Climb', 'I Know Him So Well', 'Strong' & 'Young & Beautiful'.

The Showdown performances I keep listening to are  - 'Burn for You'; 'I Will Follow You into the Dark', 'His Eye is On the Sparrow' & 'Tennis Court'.

Moving forward, the popular view seems to be that #teamwill and #teamricky are the strongest. I think Robbie, John and Isaac are the most likely to challenge Ricky & Will teams. But as in all of these shows it comes down to the song choice and how the public votes.

I wonder if anyone has done a warmest hundred type analysis for social media mention, to predict a favourite.

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