Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Voice - Battle Rounds #4 (Final)

Was disappointed in last night's episode - two performances were 'edited' from the show - only a glimpse of the battles between Emily Rex & Chita (Team Will) & Laura-Leigh Smith & Elise Baker (Team Joel) were shown. Wondering what the rationale for that was.

Onto the music...
Brittanie & Megan gave me chills with their performance of I Know Him So Well. 'Wasn't it madness' only one went through ;-)  Both of them belong on Broadway, and can't wait to see them there. :)

So winners in the other battles  - Jacob (Kylie saved Jhonna) Matt (& Joel used his last save for Soli);  Isaac, Rosie, Blake, Matthew.

The Showdowns (new for this season) begin on Sunday night - when three singers from each team compete with the coaches sending one to the Live shows, one going home and the remaining singer going through to a 'sing-off'.

A few random observations -
Kylie's match ups were my favourites - Candice (& Thando), Megan (& Brittanie), Robbie (& Jackson); Rosie (with Reece & Tico); and Kat (& Hayley).
Ricky has most of his singers through (only Mia, Pete, Scotty eliminated; Carly, Gabriel & Cecilia, Jess and Lionel were saved).
Will and Kylie had two singers saved each - Jhonna, Soli (Will) and Thando & Jackson saved (Kylie).
None of Joel's singers were saved.
There's something kind of funny in Joel begging Will to turn for Soli - and then Will begging Joel to save Soli.

Ricky (and Will) probably have the strongest teams - though given the last week I am sure there are a few more twists & turns, before there is a clear favourite.

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