Monday, June 02, 2014

The Voice Battle Rounds #3

Just finished watching the performances from last night.The real standout performance was from Lionel Cole & Sabrina Batshon  (who sang Beauty & the Beast).  Was awesome watching the chemistry between Lionel & Sabrina - he seemed to be so supportive of her. Just loved the ending of the song. I was stoked to see all three coaches save Lionel (he chose to go with Kylie). Looking forward to hearing more from Sabrina, (on the show & beyond), she has a beautiful, rich voice with so much control and Lionel just had so much range in his voice.

The other performances which I enjoyed were Kat (and Hayley's) performance of 'Roar' and Harry and Frank's take on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers 'Under the Bridge'.  Am sad to see Harry eliminated.

Also going through from last night's show: C-Major, John, ZK were the remaining winners (with Tom and Tasha eliminated). Will I Am saved Carly.

Of the singers left to perform in the battle-rounds, I'm most looking forward to hearing - Emily (and Jhonna from Team Will); Brittanie, Rosie, Megan (from Team Kylie), Elise, Blake (Team Joel), and the remaining battle from Team Ricky is Peter & Matthew.

On the saves, Ricky & Will have used both - Ricky saved Thando & Jackson. Will saved Gabrielle & Cecilia and Carly. Kylie & Joel have one left - Kylie saved Lionel, and Joel saved Jess.

The episode made me miss Keith Urban :)

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