Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Voice - Showdowns Week 1

Interlude  -  the highlight of re-watching some of the battles, has been the moments the camera hovers over the family and friends of the singer .. the looks of pride, joy and surprise during the performance are just magical.

Onto the show... the mentors have joined the competition.  Great to see them have the same Blind Audition experience as the coaches. The four mentors are - Apl.de.ap (from Black-Eyed Peas, for Team Will); Havana Brown (Team Ricky); Megan Washington (Team Joel) & Kirk Pengilly (from INXS, Team Kylie)

Showdowns One
Each teams singers were divided into three groups of three - during the first show Team Will (Juilian, Gabriel & Cecilia, Carly). Team Ricky (Matthew, C-Major, Thando), Team Kylie (Candice, John, Lionel), Team Joel (Frank, Soli, Blake)

The four singers going straight through - C-Major, Gabriel & Cecilia, John Lingard & Frank. I'd really love to hear C-Major  tackle something completely different.  John was the most impressive of those four singers, I really felt the story he was telling, and a brave song choice too. Gabriel & Cecilia have some magic about them, while, I certainly felt Frank was a front man of a big rock band.

The four who went to the sing-off were - Thando, Soli, Lionel & Juilian.  (Felt for Juilian, probably a touch stressed and then Will asking his wife to see on the red chair... might have added a touch to the stress level).

Showdowns Two
The groups for the second showdown episode were Louise, Jacob & Inja (Team Will); Brandon, Fely & Jackson (Team Ricky), Isaac, Laura-Leigh & Jess (Team Joel)

The four singers going straight through - Anja, Jackson, Issac & Kat. With Jacob, Fely, Laura-Leigh and Robbie going to the singoff. Was hard to split Kat & Robbie, I would have gone the other way.

The remaining triplets are Matt, Chita, ZK (Team Will); Rosie, Megan, Johnny (Team Kylie); Doug, Holly, Talia (Team Joel); and Josh, Sabrina, Elly (Team Ricky).

Very interesting sing-off's are building ...  think it would be more interesting if they sang something other than their audition songs.

Favourite performances...
John's take on I Will Follow You into the Dark; Anja's performance of His Eye on the Sparrow; Issac's take of Tennis Court and Robbie's Burn for You.

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